Dr. Nina He MD, Physician Injector

Dr. Nina He is a skilled aesthetic practitioner with a keen interest in cosmetics and wellness based practice. She strives to help every individual feel their best, creating positive changes so that every person can achieve their goals and dreams. She has a thirst for knowledge and continues to pursue educational programs in order to provide the best practice in facial rejuvenation including Botox and fillers.

A graduate of the prestigious University of British Columbia, Dr. Nina holds a degree in Medicine which she completed in 2013. She went on to complete two years in the Queen’s general surgery program, as well as family medicine at the University of Alberta. She became a certified cosmetics injector in 2017 and now practices both in Vancouver and in rural emergency departments.

In her spare time, Dr. He is a pianist, enjoys the opera and symphony, and is also very active in yoga and dance.